loren madsen / ephemera

e•phem•er•a: items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity

all artists have ideas which will never be realized. some may become sculptures; others not. we can at least share the speculations

keeping a voice in the conversation

the entire collection is in the Smithsonian Archives of American Art

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01     destinations, 3/28/12

     the arts as grease for the local economy, from NY to Paducah

02     Ted & Dave,  7.15.12

     Kaczynski's and Thoreau's shacks and thoughts on the benefits of wilderness

03     oligarchy, 2/20/13 (?)

     the wealth of our congressional representatives. 42% are in the top 1% of wealth; 11% are in the bottom 80%

04     better all the time, 1/19/13

     random good news over a 50 year period. we’re better off globally than at any other time in history

05     mass killings, 12/29/12

     the US is #1 in mass killing!

06     American Exceptionalism, 3/11/13

     we're #1 in asparagus exports! what else?

07     loopholes  3/23/13

     want to balance the budget? plug the loopholes. there's a price

08     heroes of invention  6/10/13

     personal heroes. the chainsaw, the toilet, the remote control

09     death in AfPak    8/2/13

     how many innocent lives do drones take, or save?

10     Just say no   9/24/13

     Groucho Marx: "Whatever it is, I'm against it.”

11     surveillance, 11/23/13

     we know the government is watching. how many others?

12     facts on the ground, 1/16/14

     under contention for 3000+ years

13     partial explanations, 4/30/14

     just some local evidence

14     people's republic of, 5/13/14.

     every independence movement in the world (except for Scotland - I  forgot)

15     blind windows, 7/5/14

     original photographs

16     a drought year, 10/11/14

     a time-lapse video on YouTube

17     mancala, 11/10/14

     the game of income differentials in the US over time

18     GOP prepping, 1/16/15

     get ready to take care of yourself

19     new stone age, 2/21/15

     what you need when the grid goes down

20     candy from babies, 4/14/15

     the money is going to old people. thanks!

21     hands, 5/22/15

     video scans made in 1991

22     10 year assessment, 8/20/15

     a review of expenses at the 10 year mark

23     last strip mall, 9/11/15

     our town, USA

24     balancing fears, 8/28/15

     terror vs murder

25     selfies, 1/6/16

     you know, pictures of self

26     us and them, 2/15/16

     budget distribution in the US

27     counting heads in mesopotamia, 5/2/16

     head chopping is nothing new, or localized

28     walls (now we’re safe), 6/10/16

     think walls will keep you safe? ask jon snow

29     smoke & kisses, 7/18/16

     what it says

30     best of... titles, 9/30/16

     titles collected from amazon in 1998, as for “gender”:  Hello Central?: Gender, Technology, and Culture in the Formation of Telephone Systems

31     fragments, 1/11/17

     piece of actual drawings, from 1973 to 2017

32     pocket reference, 3/4/17

     signs of fascism

33     advisors vanish, 4/4/17

     the Trump WH staff

34     salt lick, 5/25/17

     just that, sculpted by rain

35     can you believe it? 6/19/17

     the president’s amazement at how things work

35(b)     nuclear options, 7/31/17

     FEMA advice (sent as #35 again, oops)

37     basic identity, 9/12/17

     submit an image to google and they’ll come up with analogs

38     next time, 10/23/17

     the big fear in N Ca: fire

39     i alone, 11/29/17

     the only one capable of… pretty much everything…

40     ready to resist, 3/6/18

     signs for your next protest march

41     thoughts & prayers (rubber stamp), 3/20/18

     easing the burden on congresspeople needing to comfort constituents

42     obsession organizer, 5/18/18

     anxiety organizer for new parents

43     Dear Trump (child separations), 7/2/18

     child separations

44     finding fault, 9/17/18

     environmental concerns for us

45     Worry Beads, 2/5/19

     victims of terror attack, globally, from 1945